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The paradise of neuromuscular therapy

Published 2017-11-24 in Massage - 0 Comments

Also called trigger point myotherapy is a specialized form of deep tissue massage where you are using friction and pressure, most time made by hand or some part of a body to release areas of strain and pain in the muscles or fascia. Pain can be present because of the stress, some trauma or restriction to fascia and muscle, inflammation or injuries.

Strains are places where the contractures of muscular tissue are present. These areas or spots where the strain occurred are called trigger points, usually causing pain in muscles, because the blood and nutrients lack in that part of the muscle. They can also cause weakness, fatigue or numbness in muscle or whole body parts. Also, this trigger points may be in deeper layers of the muscles or fascia, so you can use deep tissue massage when someone is in need of the bodywork that is done to the fascia level of the body.

Neuromuscular therapy may also be used to treat different soft tissue problems in your body. By the areas of pain or symptoms, we can select few from the list that are most common to occur. These are lower back pain, sciatica symptoms, calf cramps, tendonitis, hip pain, iliotibial band friction, jaw pain. For all of these symptoms, neuromuscular therapy may be used. Most of the time, you can feel positive results in short periods of time, even in the same moment when the pressure is made in the area of the muscle.

Rolfing therapy

One kind of this therapy is called Rolfing, and it is not used just like a massage, this therapy affects body posture and structure, aiming at improving your body functioning and alignment over the long-term. Rolfing can help with systematically organizing the fascia in your body, by working on your balance, support, and adaptability. After that, you can move freely and feel much better than before.

Rolfing is a myofascial release that targets posture and fascia system. “Myo” used for the muscle and “fascia”-smooth, tough tissue that covers all the muscles.

Cannabis and neuromuscular therapy as pain killers

Both methods show a great effect when used in isolation, but the most powerful effects are showing when practitioners use them in a combination. From ancient time both are used for decreasing pain, boosting leisure and enhancing mental state. Today pain is a large problem within society, not only physical but also emotional, spiritual and mental kind. As a powerful herbal cooperator cannabis presents great assistant to pain taming influence of massage.

Neuropathic pain is usually connected to the injury of tissues and outnumbered studies concluded that cannabinoids, chemicals of cannabis, are very effective in the treatment of neuropathic pain. Using cannabis topicals during massage magic is made by hitting cannabinoid receptors. The effect is far from when inducing in bloodstream directly. However psychoactive effects do appear in the form of much intense pain relief. So with a massage as a physical manipulator of tissue which provides sensations of temporary relief and cannabis as a credible herbal painkiller a perfect combination is made.