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Can cannabis oil cure cancer?

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In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of controversy regarding the cannabis oil and its healing properties. Some patients are claiming that this treatment managed to save their lives, while others have negative experiences. When we are faced with the most challenging decisions in our life, many of us are willing to try almost anything to stay alive. So far, the science hasn’t discovered the cure for cancer and many patients are turning to alternative medicine in hope to overcome this dangerous condition. In this article, we will try to relive whether the cannabis oil is actually helpful or not.

Can cannabinoids treat cancer?

The central molecules of the plant cannabis are cannabinoids, and there is no doubt that they are attractive to the science and thousands of scientists around the world are researching their potential, as well as side – effects it can cause. Considering that cannabis has been in use for a couple of decades and many papers have been published which offer solid proofs, but misleading patients and their families that cannabis oil can be the only treatment with cancer would be a wrong decision.

Lab research

In this case, the scientists investigate whether cannabinoids can kill or stop cancer cells with humans and animals. They use real samples while performing testing and so far, have made some remarkable discoveries. On the other hand, doctors should be cautious when explaining these situations to the patients and their families because the situation is more complicated and may depend on the particular case.

In addition to this, cannabinoids have an ability to trigger cell death, stop cells from dividing, prevent new blood vessels from tumors and reduce the chances of cancer cells spreading through your body and invading neighboring cells.

So far, the best results have been achieved in using highly purified cannabidiol CBD, found in cannabis plants. On the other hand, the studies have found the positive effect of synthetic cannabinoids as well, and the molecule is called JWH -133. But, the researchers haven’t discovered the evidence that cannabinoids have undesirable effects on cancer cells and cancer tissue.

Although, scientists did find that high dosage of THC can kill the cancer cells, but it can also damage the crucial blood, and in some cases, the cannabinoids can even increase the growth of cancer cells, again depending on dosage and the amount that is present in the cells.

Whenever this question appears in media and social networks, there is a lot of attention and interest in the public, but in reality, it doesn’t match with actual research. We are still far from the real results which can benefit the treatment of cancer, and if you are taking cannabis oil, you are the only one who is responsible for the consequences.

Regardless of the studies, not any scientist has managed to prove that cannabis oil can treat cancer. But, you can always apply to medical cannabis dispensary if you need pain relief.

Revolution in medical transcription service

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medical transcription

For those who do not know what medical transcription services include, we will provide the adequate explanation. Hospitals and physician are relying on these services in order to do their business. It provides them with simplicity when it comes to the transactions, much faster way of doing things, good and affordable prices, more than excellent customer service and most importantly, a superior product.

We are driven by a simple thing, the satisfaction of our clients. We wanted to create a system of delivery that would be fast, accurate, efficient, client-friendly, modern and functional. Administration, technology, support, the connection with the Internet, all of these are just tools that help us to enhance our way of doing things to the benefit of our clients.

health and medical careCompetitive price and timely manner of delivery make us one of the most efficient companies in the field of health and medical care. The use of electronic medical record made everything easier and we urge our clients to feel free to use their own transcription and dictation technology platforms. We take your transcriptions, transcribe and upload them to the medical record using a special electronic form.

This way, we make sure that the transcription is accurately taken down in an instant and once the process is done, we do not need to repeat it because of the modern advantages that automatization gives us. This way is also better in terms of billing and transportation. With no delay and double checking, the required transcriptions will be complete and accurate, there is no mistake there. Actually, we made sure that there is no room for any kind of mistake because we know how important this is.

Our system gives us numerous options

With the possibility to order your medical transcription online, we help our clients save time, money and effort. We already mentioned that we wanted to bring competitive prices and absolute efficiency. This means that all it takes for our clients to do is file a request for any particular service of ours and they will be served almost immediately.

In addition to all this, we have an entire team of specialized and experienced experts and professional transcriptionists, all highly trained in delivering nothing but the highest quality service, accurately, in a timely manner and efficiently. There is no point in keeping our clients waiting and by giving them what they need when they need it, we pay our respects to them. The key to our success is their satisfaction.

Now, we have adjusted our system to all other known technology platforms and this gave us a unique opportunity to provide our services in full on all other transcription and dictations platforms without any problems. It also gave us the ability to edit all transcription if there is a need to do so. We only wanted to provide the convenience to our clients by giving them the chance to get all they need from one single vendor. Simplicity is sometimes the best solution.

Medical Uses of Marijuana

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Most likely, you have heard somewhere before that marijuana has some health benefits for the human body. Well, that is true, there are a lot of advantages of marijuana that you probably never knew. Nowadays, a lot of people are using the cannabis plant for medical reasons, but getting a prescription is not easy. That is because it is used to treat patients who are suffering from a very strong disease such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases. Of course, marijuana is not capable of curing people of these diseases, but it is strong enough to keep them low and smooth out the pain or the tremors that people have. If you want to know more about the medical use of marijuana, then continue reading this article and you will find out a lot more interesting information.

Control Epileptic Seizures

Having epileptic seizures is something that you don’t want because it will change your entire life. You just never know when the next seizure will come. The worst part about having epileptic seizures is that you cannot do anything to stop them or to cure it. However, some studies have shown that ingredients from marijuana are able to help people control their seizures. This allowed a lot of people to start regaining their old life back. The reason why the marijuana can help with the controlling of these seizures is that it contains THC which binds to the brain cells that are responsible for relaxation. Therefore, while using marijuana, you are feeling very relaxed and you gain a lot of control over your body.

Preventing Cancer from Spreading

One of the ingredients that are found in marijuana can supposedly stop cancer from spreading across your body. This chemical is called CBD, and there was a research done to prove this theory back in 2007. That’s why people with cancer can easily get a prescription for medical marijuana. There are a lot of different types of marijuana, you can also use it in various methods. One of them is called cbd shatter and this type is filled with the CBD chemical that treats cancer cells. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to people that are fighting cancer in their body. The shatter contains about 60% more pure cannabinoid or CBD than regular cannabis. That’s why it is very important to know what type do you need to treat your specific disease.

Calms Tremors

People that have Parkinson’s disease also get a prescription for medical marijuana because a study that was done in Israel showed that regular use of marijuana will significantly reduce the tremors and the pain that is caused by this disease. For people that have to suffer, marijuana is the best thing that has happened to them because it can calm out all the tremors they are having. Of course, the patients still feel the presence of these tremors and the pain, but they are significantly reduced to a point where they can do certain things they were never able to before.