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Fun ways to wear glitter

Published 2017-10-16 in makeup - 0 Comments
Fun ways to wear glitter

Glitter makeup is not for everyday use but is very popular on music festivals and other large gatherings. Wearing this makeup is fun, and the people react to it with a smile.

The problem is that glitter is hard to apply and some skin types are susceptible. So the glitter can cause a rash or can fall off quickly. Make sure to test your skin by applying glitter to small patches first. Here are some fun ways to wear glitter.

Glitter spray as a finishing spray

A finishing spray is exactly what you need to keep your makeup on for the entire night. The spray is ordinarily clear, but you can pour some glitter in it to boost your glow even more. If you want a professional body glitter spray, try Dancing With The Stars Dazzle Shimmering Body for the best results.

Turn hairspray into a fantastic glitter brow gel.

glitter brow gelSome celebrities use this trick for years. All you need to do is to spray some hairspray into a plastic dish and add some cosmetic glitter. Take a spoolie brush, dip it into the mix and brush your brow with it. That will make your brows stand out.

Hair gel – the ideal glitter glue

For some of you who are afraid that their glitter creation will fall off after five minutes, there is a solution. Hair gel can make your glitter stick to the skin. You just need to use a paintbrush to spread the gel on the wanted area. Then, use the same brush to gently pat the glitter on it and let it dry.

Make your body shimmer by mixing body oil and loose pigment

Choose your favorite body oil and pour it into another bottle. You can add as much pigment as you want. For those who want just a little bit of shimmer, be careful while adding a pigment. The last thing to do is to shake it up and try it out.

Fabulous DYS glitter stamps

Buy a cheap makeup sponge and use your scissors to create a shape. Wake up your imagination and make whatever design you can think of. After doing that, try your brand new glitter stamp and apply glitter gel on your body.

Make your ears look shiny and stylish.

We all love earrings, but some of us are not ready to pierce the whole ear just because of this obsession. There is, of course, an easier way to wear multiple numbers of earrings on one ear. All you need is an eyelash glue and crystals in your favorite colors. Put a small amount of glue and create a cool design. After that, press crystals on the top of the glue, and the job is done.

Decorate your roots with glitter gel

Your favorite music festival is today, and you forgot to dye your hair? There is an easy way to fix this problem and also look chic. Use a glitter gel and put it where your roots are. Take a small eyeshadow brush for placing the glitter on the glitter gel.