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Arizer Vaporizers – the complete guide through vapes

Published 2018-07-20 in Education - 0 Comments
Arizer Vaporizers

The Arizer is a Canadian manufacturing company, famous for producing the best vaporizers in this industry. This fact shouldn’t surprise you because Canada in one of the couples of countries that has the most flexible marijuana-related laws.

The maker of this brand have their motto “Better by Design,” and the stunning range of vaporizers will offer you the best features and high-quality. If so far you only smoke marijuana, and you never tried vaping, then you are mission out

This company takes the things to the next level and here are a few Arizer Vaporizers you can choose from.

Arizer Air

When reviewing this model, it is essential to mention crucial features. Arizer Air is designed with a durable shell that protects the unit from overuse, so it should last you for a few years. It comes equipped with a Li-ion battery and full charge provides you with 60 minutes of continuous vaping.

If you are too impatient, then you can use the vaporizer while charging. The Air has an automatic shut-off option, so it turns off the heather after ten minutes of use.

There are a couple of temperature settings you can select: blue 365F, white 374F, green 392F, orange 401F and red 410F. With this temperature range, you can reach the maximum point in two minutes. While other vaporizers heat up quicker, they don’t offer the same level of vaping control.

You can fill the chamber with .2g of dry herbs, which is more than enough. It will take you 150 minutes to charge the unit.

There are also a few drawbacks when it comes to this vaporizer, the glass is fragile, and it will break if you drop it and vapor can sometimes be too hot.


ArizerArGoAs the name states, the vaping experience with this vaporizer is as simple as ready. Every review praises its portability, and we have to agree with that. With this unit, you will be able to charge on the move via USB.

The temperature control is impeccable, and it ranges from 122F to 428F. The display shows the current battery level and temperature flow. The users can even change the brightness of the screen, set timers, and set up the temperature-based indicator sounds.

With this device, you have complete control. It will take you a minute to reach 390 degrees and around 90 seconds to hit the maximum. The ArGo is very convenient to use, and the glass mouthpiece is similar to the Air 2. All you have to do is dip into herbs, and slip them into a vaporizer. You should avoid packing too tight.

The essential feature of any vaporizers is the quality of vapor and Arizer is superb in this department. With the first pull, you will experience thick clouds of smoke. Even the last couple of draws will provide you with strong hits.

Even though it’s made of plastic parts and stainless steel, the bottom is coated in silicone. The design will offer you durability and resistance to tear and wear.